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How to make a good Reader insert!!
Hey guys!! Welcome! Class is in session!!
Hiyah! So today, I'm gonna be giving you guys some tips and advice on hos to make good Stories!!
(I've probably done about two of these already but- I'm constantly picking up new skills so I'd like to share them with you guys!!))
I'd love nothing more than to see my peeps excel at writing or something!!  Okay! Shall we begin!!
Okay! So, Rule number one if you're making a reader insert!!
Use the word 'You' to refer to the reader instead of 'I'.
I only say this because when you use the word I, it makes the story sound like it's not about the reader, it's about Yourself and it's hard for people to really feel apart of the story. (At least that's just my experience.))
People are more likely to read your stories if you use 'You' instead because that puts the reader actually in the story! Not to say that your insert is bad if you do use I, because i've read good ones.
It's just that people are more likely to stop and actually read the story when
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 12 4
Mature content
British Hetaloid X!Insecure!Chunky Reader Ch.3 :iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 18 2
Prussia x Shy!Reader - Birdie
“Zhe awesome me has finally arrived!” The loud exclamation is punctuated by him posing dramatically in the doorway of the class you share together and you glance over at him.
A smile almost automatically comes to your face as you see the little bird on his shoulder, knowing that he’s been told to leave it at home but he never does.
You look away as he approaches Francis and Antonio, whom also share this class with you, your eyes falling back to the book you were reading. It isn’t long before their familiar accents fill the classroom, his German accent bringing another smile to your face.
You’ve always had a crush on the self-proclaimed Prussian, similar to a lot of the others in the school, but there was one problem. You were the shy one, the one with their nose always stuck in a book. You believed that he didn’t know you existed with just how secluded you tend to be.
But as you return to your reading, his eyes look across the room to where you
:iconaprillilypegasi:AprilLilypegasi 34 10
ItalyxReaderxRomano Nutella
…your Italian friends Feliciano and Lovino.
Lovino saw your and screamed like a little girl and hid behind Feliciano, who was too busy watching  the rain fall from your gutters to notice you holding the bat. You quickly put the bat back behind the door before Feli could see it and freak out as well. He suddenly realized that the door was open and he smiled at you and pulled you into a hug, forgetting that he was soaking wet.
“________! I’m-a so happy to see-a you!” he said happily.
“Hello Feli. You’re getting me wet,” you told him.
He immediately pulled away and blushed, stepping back beside his brother.
“Ve, sorry about-a that. I was just-a so excited to-a see you! “ he apologized.
You smiled.
“It’s alright Feli. Would you two like to come in?”
Lovino pushed past him and stepped into your warm house. Feli followed closely behind. You went to get some towels and some sweatpants for them.
“Here, go dry o
:iconellisxrobyn:EllisxRobyn 301 142
JapanxReader Nutella
…your Japanese friend Kiku.
He was shaking in the rain, soaking wet. He looked like he had been crying.
“_-________!” he cried and barged in, which was strange behavior for him.
“Kiku! What’s wrong?” you asked and turned to him. He was standing right behind you, dripping all over the floor, still shaking.
“I’m sorry ________. I shourd’ve asked before coming in, but I’m rost and sis neighborhood is scary. Prease herp,” he begged.
The poor guy looked like he was having a panic attack. You did live in a relatively bad neighborhood. You walked to him and lightly put an hand on his shoulder and he jumped.
“Hey, calm down. Its alright. Sit down and…have some Nutella,” you said and led him to your couch.
He curled up on the couch and you handed him the Nutella. He took it and shakily ate it. You got a blanket and draped it over him. He looked like you when you ate Nutella; curled up under a warm blanket. He
:iconellisxrobyn:EllisxRobyn 284 690
S. KoreaxReader Nutella
…your Korean friend Im Yong Soo.
“Ok, I’ll just leave now,” he said when he saw your bat and turned to walk away.
“No, no, I’m sorry!” you said and grabbed his arm, dropping the bat.
He turned and smiled sadly at you. You invited him inside and he sat on your couch. Then he randomly hugged you tightly to him. You squeaked, then awkwardly put your arms around him, not really knowing why he was hugging you. He finally broke away and took your hand in his.
“________, I’m so sorry,” he said.
You gave him a confused look. You tried to think of anything he might have done to make you angry, but nothing came to mind.
“Sorry for what?” you asked.
“About your break up and your mom,” he told you.
Your boyfriend had broken up with you 2 months ago, which you grieved for a short amount of time. Immediately after your grieving period was over, your mother was in a car accident and was killed, sending you into anoth
:iconellisxrobyn:EllisxRobyn 130 89
England X Reader = I Never knew you were a GIRL!
Arthur Kirkland, one of the most famous boy in school for being the student council president.
He was smart.
Calm and collected.
He may be kind of rude at first, but he's a really nice person when you get to know him well.
And one of those who do know him well was you.
His best friend.
"I don't see him around today," Arthur mumbled as he stood by the gates of the school.
"Are you talking about Alfred?" Francis asked as he looks at the boy.
"No, I'm looking for _______" Arthur exclaimed in worry,  "I haven't given him my notes from the other day."
"Wait, by ________ you mean, ________ ________ right?" The other blonde asked.
"Of course you idiot! Nobody in this school has the same name as him right? It's pretty obvious I'm talking about _________!" Arthur answered irritatedly.
Francis's face pales at his friends statement, "Uh, Arthur, don't you know that ________ is actually a-"
"Arthur!" You called as you ran to the school gates, "I'm sorry I'm late! It's just that Felix fo
:icongohagosa:gohagosa 407 194
England X Reader = I Never knew you were a GIRL! 2
Arthur rubbed his head as he woke up on a comfy bed."The nurses office." With a groan, he exclaims, "Thats gotta be the most ridiculous dream I've ever had, hah! ________ being a girl!"
"I'm a afraid to break it to you sweet cheeks but that dream was real!" ________ answered as he leans on Arthur's bed bringing her face close to the boys face.
Arthur laughed nervously, "_______! Don't be ridiculous! How do you even know what my dream was?"
_______ frowned at how stubborn her best friend was as she crossed her arms. "Arthur I can pull down my underwear if you still don't believe me."
"I BELIEVE YOU!!! I BELIEVE YOU!!!" The poor man screamed trying to keep his innocence, dignity, and gentlemanly composure at the same time as he covers his eyes.
_______ give a heavy sigh as she scratched her head in disbelief, "Arthur, are you telling me you never knew I was a girl?"
Arthur, who could always retort an insult in one millisecond, was completely silent, having no clue if he wants to answer b
:icongohagosa:gohagosa 235 87
RomanoXReader- Lasagne, Sauce and Gelato.
Lasagne, Sauce and Gelato.
You were humming happily throughout your home on the way to the kitchen. You then reached your destination and started scavenging the cupboards and pantries for food.
"Mamma! I'm hungry~!" Your 4 year old daughter called from the living room. "Is lunch going to be ready soon~?"
You then closed the cupboards and walked to the entry which separated the lounge from the kitchen. "Yes my love, don't worry..." you smiled." Anyways we have to wait for daddy to come home so we can have lunch." you smiled.
She puffed her cheeks. "Okay Mamma. Daddy! Hurry up and come home!" She said to no one in particular.
"Yes Romano, Hurry up!" you said before giggling with your daughter as you two were behaving like children, Uh, you were behaving like a little girl.
"Hang on there for a little while longer, I'll start lunch." you said to your daughter. "Okay~!" she responded before running to her room.
You observed your daughter dreamily. She was
:iconcyndyrellah:Cyndyrellah 265 71
Romano X Reader
You were in your house sitting on the couch with your Italian friend beside you who was now bored.
"Oi ragazza, aren't you tired of reading?" he ask pointing at the book you were reading.
You shook your head and continued reading pushing your glasses. You wear glasses when you read something. (At least, that's what I do :D )
He sighed and leaned his head on your shoulder.
You glance from the corner of your eyes and blush.
You've been friends with the stubborn Italian since you were in elementary and you've started to develop certain feelings for him but you were too afraid to confess. Afraid of rejection.
"U-Um L-Lovino?"
"Do you, um, like someone?" you ask closing your book and setting it on the coffee table in front of you.
He nodded.
"Who is it?" you ask tilting your head to the side which Lovino find it cute.
Lovino retracted his head from your shoulder and stared into your (e/c) eyes.
"Is there something on my face?" you ask blinking.
He shook his head and grabbed your glass
:iconblue-divine:Blue-Divine 269 99
Mature content
Seven Minutes In Heaven: Roderich :iconforever-n:Forever-N 221 101
Mature content
Seven Minutes in Heaven: Gilbert :iconforever-n:Forever-N 263 238
Mature content
Seven Minutes In Heaven- Ivan :iconforever-n:Forever-N 238 216
Mature content
Seven Minutes in Heaven: Yao :iconforever-n:Forever-N 150 80
Mature content
Seven Minutes in Heaven: Lovino :iconforever-n:Forever-N 318 177
Mature content
Seven Minutes in Heaven: Alfred :iconforever-n:Forever-N 250 105


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A Bible quote and (supposedly) a quote from Elizabeth I of England, which I cross-stitched.  I'm a huge Tudor-era nerd, in case you couldn't tell.
This is a Lolita-style headpiece that I made.  I think I went overboard with the roses, lol.  And I'm not sure if I'll ever even wear it, since sweet lolita isn't really my thing.
A pillow that I made for Markiplier after watching his "Five Nights at F***boy's" playthroughs.
Sadly, I don't know if I'll ever be able to give it to him.  :(


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